Tomu is a character from the Mentality Fanfic Series by Macose Brok.
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Tomu and aroti have crossed paths at some point, where Aroti killed an individual from Tomu's original group.

In 1921, Tomu was confronted at the field outside of his town by Richard Kyari. He revealed about the inhumane experiments that he had performed on his great grandson, Howard Kawa-Musuko. Tomu subsequently abandoned his old body, using an unknown incantation, to possess Richard's.

In 2009, Tomu possesses Kodi's body and is confronted by Makura, and subsequently chained Makura to the gray room in Kodi's mind, so that he could not interfere with Tomu's plans.

Eventually, in 2014, Aroti tracks down Tomu and eventually shows up at the school that Tomu is attending. Tomu and his new group fights Aroti, ending with Aroti getting slayed. However, due to a mishap with an energy orb, Tomu leaves Kodi's body.

As of yet, Tomu has not returned to the series since.


Tomu is portrayed as being mysterious and enigmatic. Also he appears to be amoral, due to committing immoral experiments on his great grandson, Howard. He may also have a lack of concern for his and other peoples' belongings; ie, possessing Richard and later Kodi, and abandoning Kodi in an attempt to save himself.


  1. Time Magic
  2. Time Manipulation
  3. Time Traveling
  4. Dimensional Traveling
  5. Orbs of energy
  6. Clairvoyance
  7. Soul Magic
  8. Malevolence Manipulation
  9. Possession


It is unknown if Tomu is deceased, due to the fact that he possessed Richard while he was still alive, infers that Tomu is alive, but not in his body.

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