Toketsu is a poem by Macose Brok, that is featured in Toketsu - Virus; a book in the side series of the Mentality Fanfic Series.

The Poem:

I'm taking control

You won't stand a chance,

When you're in my trance.

Unsafe is your soul

You love your life's thrill,

But I'm telling you to chill.

You think yourself as a saint,

Well, tell me about that when you faint.

In you I will sprout,

Careful or you'll burnout.

You may have things you'd want to buy,

However, that part of you shall die.

Oh, terrible is your ailment,

Yet, you'll stay silent.

You'll never have any fun,

When you're having a hallucination.

You think you're last,

When I change your past.

One more day and this'll end,

And when I come in,

You'll never be yourself again...


  1. The poem appears to describe the symptoms of the Toketsu Virus.
  2. Toketsu is the Japanese word for "Frozen", which coaligns with the first symptom of the virus by the same name: Chills.

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