Sebasuchan is a character in the Mentality Fanfic Series. He is the main antagonist of Mentality
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He looks like Kodi from the real world, except with violet eyes.


Sebasuchan is the leader of the group, Ningoth . As all members are mere extensions of Sebasuchan, he was able to spy on the protagonists , while they were making their way to him.

In Mentality , Sebasuchan's uses his first form to control Kodi , forcing him to attack the others, when they first met him. Throughout the upper floor (and secretly ground floor and basement), Sebasuchan's spys on them through his minions. This makes it so that he knew everything that had happened.

When they get to him, he shows that he knows about them defeating,'the computer as well as the dark one ', then begins to battle them in his first form. After being seemingly defeated, he vanishes, but it turns out that he is still alive.

Sebasuchan then manifests Illusion around them in an attempt to bring their spirits down by demotivation speech, this coupled with Illusion's voice of legion, makes this scene a cross between depressing and horrifying.

When they defeat Illusion, Sebasuchan reappears. He then subsequently transforms into his second form, one that looks like a twisted version of Majora . After being defeated he vanishes into the static, taking Kodi with him.


Sebasuchan is portrayed to be nihilistic and dull. He is also apparently very lazy, as seen when Neisan , Burukku , Aron , and Kodi get to him, he's laying on the ground with his eyes closed. 


  1. Possession
  2. Transformation
  3. Illusionist
  4. Fading in and out of reality
  5. Malevolence Manipulation
  6. Spawning minions


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