Nohasu Enkei is a character in the Mentality Fanfic Series.


Nohasu has the appearance of a highschooler.


Not much is known about Nohasu's early history.

In Spirituality, Nohasu participates in the chatroom with Aron and Tomu for the duration of the book. In the Finale, Nohasu fights Aroti alongside the others. However, he gets knocked out by an energy orb produced by Aroti and a door gets knocked off its hinges, trapping an unconscious Nohasu flat underneath. This initial appears to be a stroke of bad luck, however, because of the weight of the door on top of Nohasu, makes it so that he doesn't get sucked into Kodi , like the others.

In Mentality, Nohasu is mentioned by Aron during the fight against Eiden.

In Emotivity - The Prologue, Nohasu has a dream about being in an abyss and after wandering around, meets Kurisu, who is handing out free avocados for whatever reason. After trying some, Nohasu is told by Kurisu that the avocados were in fact poisoned, at which he looks at them, to see "several tiny pitch black snails among them". This revelation causes Nohasu to wake up from his dream, shivering.


Nohasu is portrayed as being brave, reasonable, and sensible. Unfortuneately, at this time we know little about his personality.


  1. Orbs of energy
  2. Energy Shields
  3. Luck


Due to the events of Emotivity - The Prologue, Nohasu may have gained a phobia of avocados.

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