Moge-Mu is an enigmatic character that is mentioned by the Mogekos numerous times.


Moge-Mu is described as being a shadow being, with a single large eye as the only visible facial feature.


In Spirituality, Moge-Mu appears at the end of the Bonus Chapter; where it appears in a white room, says something extremely cryptic, then proceeds to laugh.

In Emotivity - The Prologue, Moge-Mu talks to Kodi, who is comatose, in the white room, which is revealed to be a hospital room.

In Emotivity - Morality, in Chapter 3, Moge-Mu is mentioned by two Mogekos about having a 'plan'.

In Chapter 4, Moge-Mu is mentioned by a skulking Mogeko.

In Chapter 6, the Teen Ghosts talk to Neisan about how horrible Moge-Mu is.

In the Epilogue, Moge-Mu is revealed to be the one talking to Kodi, before he begins to do something to him.


Moge-Mu is very greedy.

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