Mentality is the name of the building and is also the name of the book that it appears as the setting in.


Not much is known about the building's appearance on the outside, though given the numerous rooms it contains, it is logical in assuming that the building itself is very large.

Basement Floors:

  1. Abandoned Dungeon
  2. Glendalee School
  3. Abandoned Hospital

Ground Floor:

  1. Office Computer Platform Room
  2. Central A.I. Chamber

Upper Floors:

  1. C.P.U. Base
  2. Gray Room
  3. Jukebox Room
  4. Art Room
  5. Dry Swamp
  6. Technicolor Room
  7. Nishrung

Bad End Rooms:

  1. Hotel Despair Classroom 0.3
  2. Serious Room
  3. Hotel Despair Classroom 3.6

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