Makura is a character in the Mentality Fanfic Series.
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He looks like a mix between Kodi and Desolatus, having one side of hair black, the other side is brown. Also, he has heterochromia, as his left eye is blue and his right eye is golden.


In 2009, Tomu Kawa-Musuko possessed Kodi and entered the Grey Room, where Makura was. After a short discussion, Tomu caused Makura to be chained to the ceiling of the Grey Room, and left him there for seven long years.

In Mentality, when Eiden was defeated, Makura started his narration. The difference being that his narration isn't heard by everyone else.

When Burukku, Neisan, Aron, and Kodi came into the Grey Room, he engaged in a conversation with them, vaguely explained the Ningoth, and broke the fourth wall. Afterwards, they left while he was muttering.


Not much is known about Makura's personality, though he's usually very calm and laidback.


  1. Narration


'Makura' is japanese for 'pillow', 'Kodi' also means 'pillow'.

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