Kodi is a character in the Mentality Fanfic Series.


Kodi is a highschool student. He has brown hair and blue eyes.


Not much is known about Kodi's early history. 

In 2009, Tomu possesses Kodi.

In 2014, after the fight against Aroti , Tomu leaves Kodi's body. This causes everyone else to be sucked into Kodi. While Kodi himself, fell into a coma.

In Mentality, Kodi appears in several forms, and at the end, is revealed to Neisan that he's trapped in comatose.

In 2015, during Emotivity - The Prologue, Kodi is in the hospital, still comatose. While a mysterious figure talks to him.

At the end of Emotivity - Morality, the mysterious figure, revealed to be Moge-Mu, begins to do something to Kodi.


Not much is known about Kodi's personality. He is portrayed as being rather shy and timid.




It is speculated that Mentality is actually Kodi's mind.

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