Eiden is an antagonist from the Mentality Fanfic Series.
Glados new body



Eiden's early history is unknown.

It is implied that at some point, he tried to take over Kodi's mind.

In Mentality, he narrates the story until he is defeated in battle by Neisan, Aron, and Burukku. As he vanishes from existence, he ponders what they would do without his narration.

In Emotivity - Morality, Neisan asks a random question, to test whether Eiden would respond. He doesn't, since Eiden is long dead at this point.


Eiden is protrayed to be a chatter, fitting his role as the Narrator. He is shown to be disciplinary and concerned with perfection when it comes to his script.

Portal glados gif test by attejl-d53duh9
  1. Transformation
  2. Biochemistry Scan
  3. Cloning
  4. Narration


In Mentality, Eiden said absolutely everything that no one else said, up until his demise. Like a true narrator.

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