Desolatus is a character in the Mentality Fanfic Series. 
Aku the Shape Shifting Master of Darkness


Not much is known about Desolatus' early history besides the fact that he was created by Makura.

An unknown event happened and he was presumed dead.

In Spirituality , Tomu mentions him messing around.

In Mentality , Desolatus is discovered being sedated in the Abandoned Hospital. Upon being awoken, he says several cryptic things. Afterwards, he battles Neisan , Aron , and Burukku in a perverted manner. Upon being defeated, he reverts back to normal before being crushed when the ceiling collapsed. 


Desolatus is portrayed as being cryptic, Dark, and twisted. He is considered a pervert by most. 


  1. Malevolence Manipulation
  2. Morphing


The forms that Desolatus morphs into when fighting in order are: Formless Black Liquid, Dark Octopus, Dark Spider, and Dark Dragon.

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