Burukku is a character from the Mentality Fanfic Series.


Burukku's early life is unknown, though it is known that she attends the same school as Kodi, Neisan, Aron, and Nohasu.

In Spirituality, she joins the fight against Aroti. After the battle, Burukku ends up being sucked into Kodi with almost everyone else.

In Mentality, she travels with the others throughout the expansive building known as Mentality.

At the Finale, she participates in the long, epic battle against Sebasuchan. Afterwards, she and the others are teleported out.

In Emotivity - The Prologue, Burukku dreams that she is an astronaut, farming for space cats, when suddenly, something goes wrong. Burukku watches as her spaceship and her get sucked into a black hole. Burukku wakes up very confused.

In Emotivity - Morality, she and Neisan get trapped in the enigmatic Mogeko Castle.

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