Burukku (Bad End) is a character in the noncanon bad ends in the Mentality Fanfic Series.


There are currently six different individual Burukkus that hold the title of bad end.

In Mentality, two appear in the bad ends.

1st: In Bad End 2, Burukku dies with everyone else due to a comedic scene of nonstop yodeling.

2nd: In Bad End 6, Along with everyone else, Burukku falls down a trapdoor and ends up in a room. After meeting and arguing with a mysterious voice, they are left trapped there.

In Emotivity - Morality, four appear in the bad ends.

3rd: In Bad End 1, Burukku and Neisan get assimilated with the darkness of Mogeko Castle.

4th: In Bad End 2, after accidentally going through the wrong door, Mogeko Larvae then lay eggs inside her.

5th: In Bad End 3, Burukku gets eaten alive by the Mad Mogekos.

6th: In Bad End 4, Burukku gets caught by Moge-ko and ends up tied to a cross, stark naked. In Bad End 4 part 2, Moge-ko tortures Burukku erotically.


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