Aroti is the cluthulu being that exists as the main antagonist for Spirituality. Throughout the book, it travels
through space heading towards the Earth.


Body shape of a giant squid standing upright on its tentacles. Two bundles of tentacles at the waist, mimicing arms. Perimeter of body is that of a medium sized skyscraper. The color of its body is a seemingly dull gray. And it has small humanlike eyes at the front near the top, that change color with every blink.


Not much is known about Aroti's early history. What is known is that it assisted the creation of the omniverse by creating time, which it would come to regret making. Tomu and aroti have crossed paths at some point, where Aroti killed an individual from Tomu's original group.

Milennia in the future, Aroti tracks down Tomu and eventually shows up at the school that Tomu is attending. Tomu and his new group fights Aroti, ending with Aroti getting slayed.


Not much is known about Aroti's personality. It is portrayed to be lazy, with a rather pompous attitude. Also, it is very mysterious, as it says cryptic things.


  1. Immunity from Tomu's time magic
  2. Energy orbs
  3. Temperature Manipulation
  4. Sensing temporal distortions


Aroti is commonly referred to with masculine pronouns by the others, even though it is completely genderless. It is unknown why this is.