Aron (Bad End) is a character in the noncanon bad ends in the Mentality Fanfic Series.


There are currently three different individual Arons that hold the title of bad end.

1st: In Bad End 1, Aron attempts to commit suicide to escape from the story. He isn't seen again until Bad End 4, where while falling, he goes through a portal and lands in a school hallway. After being chewed out by Eiden, Aron overhears a mysterious voice torturing Neisan on the other side of the wall. After this, in Bad End 5, he falls down a trapdoor and lands in the serious room, where Eiden tells him about a table and a comedic cameo with 90's Kid happens. Then, Aron is left there for an unknown amount of time.

2nd: In Bad End 2, Aron dies with everyone else in a comedic scene of exposure to nonstop yodeling.

3rd: In Bad End 6, Aron falls down a trapdoor with the others, and they get trapped in a room. They then argue with a mysterious voice, who insists that they'll stay there forever. They are then left there.


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